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Holiday Decoration Do's & Don'ts

December 12, 2023

As we find ourselves on the halfway to Christmas day, those who haven't commenced their holiday adornments may either find themselves lagging behind the norm or perhaps embracing their inner Grinch!

However, each year in Greensboro, throughout the months of November and December, we joyously illuminate the surroundings with gleaming lights and vibrant lanterns, embellish both our indoor and outdoor spaces, and bedeck our Christmas trees. Yet, it's crucial to consider what's safe and advisable when decorating your abode during this festive season.

Allow me to present the do's and don'ts of holiday embellishments, courtesy of L&H Heating & Air:

Holiday Decoration Guidelines

The Do's of Holiday Decorations

1. Embrace oversized bulbs:
Elevate the splendor of your Christmas setup by suspending large, colorful bulbs on your window frames, stairway banister, or mantel.

2. Elevate electrical cords:
Ensure your decorative lights' electrical cords are elevated above the ground. Additionally, refrain from affixing them to metal gutters to mitigate potential hazards.

3. Prepare your roof and gutters: Before installing your outdoor decorations, undertake a thorough cleaning to eliminate debris from your roof and gutters.

4. Preserve your outdoor HVAC unit:
Avoid the temptation to conceal your outdoor unit with decorations in pursuit of that quintessential Christmas ambiance. It's worth noting that these diminutive adornments can infiltrate your system, adversely affecting its performance.

5. Invest in certified Christmas lights:
Prioritize the purchase of Christmas lights that have undergone testing and received verification from the Underwriters Laboratories. Look for UL stickers on the packaging to ensure safety and reliability.

The Don'ts of Holiday Decorations

1. Avoid metal tacks and nails:
Steer clear of employing metal tacks or nails to secure your outdoor lights and electrical cords in place. Opt for plastic clips or insulated tape for a safer method of fastening wiring and lighting.

2. Beware of obstructing vents:
Refrain from situating decorations in close proximity to your vents, as this could impede airflow and compromise the efficiency of your heating system, potentially resulting in higher energy bills.

3. Keep the thermostat unobstructed:
Do not obscure your thermostat with decorations. Keeping it exposed allows for accurate temperature display within your home.

4. Exercise prudence with decorative lights:
Do not leave your decorative lights operational 24/7. Remember to switch them off when you are absent or asleep to mitigate the risk of fire or electrical hazards.

These guidelines should contribute to a comfortable and delightful holiday season, at least until the unexpected arrival of Cousin Eddie. Simply adhere to these do's and don'ts and remember to monitor your eggnog consumption (perhaps balancing it with an assortment of cookies).

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