Heat Pump Repair in Summerfield NC

Heat pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair Summerfield NC
Even well–maintained heat pumps may require a repair or two at some point during its lifespan. L&H Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive heat pump repair services throughout the Triad.

If you have a need for repair with your heat pump, and to keep your heat pump operating well, call L&H Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Heat pumps keep it easy. They both heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. As a bonus, since they run on electricity instead of fossil fuel, they’re great for the environment.

The Summerfield Heat Pump Repair Service Experts

Heat pumps can work alone to heat, cool, and humidify your Triad area home.  They work all year to keep you comfortable.  They can also work with a gas furnace to provide hybrid heat, a super-efficient way to heat your home during the chilly winter months. Their efficiency ratings are doubled; one is for air conditioning, the other for heating

To keep your heat pump operating well, call L&H Heating & Air Conditioning.  When we perform repairs on your heat pump system and make any adjustments necessary to get your heat pump working at optimal levels. In addition to this, regular maintenance visits will provide us with the opportunity to catch developing problems that may be happening with your heat pump. We will resolve any issues before it is given the chance to damage your system.

If you have not set up an annual tune–up, reach out and ask about our maintenance plan. There is no better way to keep your heat pump working efficiently and safely than regular maintenance.

If you haven’t had your heat pump serviced in the past year or if you need a repair, call today.
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