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Heat & Furnace Repair in Greensboro

Do you have a smell when you first turn on your Heat? Does your HVAC system need a check up after a long hot summer? Are you looking to increase the air quality in your home?

Amana Heating and Air Conditioning
Amana Heating and Air Conditioning

As a locally owned and operated HVAC company, L&H Heating and Air Conditioning proudly services the Heating and Air Conditioning needs of the Triad area.
Amana HVAC
Amana HVAC
Our mission is to provide every customer with high-quality services that exceed their expectations and leave them willing to recommend us to their closest friends and family.

That’s why, when you’re in need of any HVAC service from maintenance, to repair, or installation, we are your services experts that work tirelessly to deliver you industry-leading services that will leave you comfortable year round.

Most Common Repair Problems

L&H Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerfield NC
Wiring Issues
Improper wiring results in a lack of power flowing to AC unit which is essential to keep things running smoothly. It’s an easy fix which can be addressed by a qualified specialist in no time.
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerfield NC
Faulty Ignitions
A faulty ignition system, such as those found on furnaces with a thermocouple can significantly reduce the ability of the furnace to properly heat the home. It can also cause potentially dangerous situations, so it's best to have an annual inspection on your heating unit.
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerfield NC
Frozen coil
If your coil is frozen, this could be due to a leak caused by low refrigerant or in some cases blockage in the ductwork can also be the reason. Not changing the air filters on a regular basis can also cause this problem
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerfield NC
Low refrigerant
An air conditioner should not require refrigerant to be recharged. Running low on Freon generally means that you have a leak of some type. Depending on location of the leak, it can be repaired without significant expense.
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerfield NC
Fan on outside unit not running
When a fan motor does not work, it overheats and may cause severe damage to your compressor. If it operates for too long without the fan, the compressor in the air conditioner can burn up. When the motor burns, your unit will need a replacement.
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning in Summerfield NC
Outside unit not running at all
Is your outside AC unit not running at all? A blown breaker or power not being supplied to the AC unit properly can cause this issue. You can fix it by calling our factory trained specialists. They will carefully troubleshoot your AC unit and make other necessary repairs.

"They have helped me with issues with my house and warehouse. Both time saved me tons of money compared to the competition. Go to for my HVAC needs"

-Mike M

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