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July 24, 2019

One of the great things about living in the Greensboro area of North Carolina, is you have about an equidistant trip to the Mountains or the Beach! But before your leave your Greensboro home, before you board the pets, even before you ask the neighbors to get the mail, and turn off all your appliances, make sure you flush the toilet!

Even though you have taken care of everything in your home and are ready for that well deserved vacation, double check some things with your air conditioner before you go. There are a few things you should do regarding your HVAC system to make sure its in good shape when you return. At the end of your vacation, the last thing you want to do is return to a hot, sweltering home and a big contractor bill because you failed to take a few simple precautions before leaving on your trip.

Your air conditioner is one of the most complex pieces of machinery in your home. It is also one of the biggest consumers of energy, accounting for about
48% of energy use in the typical home in America, and likely even more in hot and humid areas like the Triad. Properly maintaining it when it’s in use and during periods of of when its not working so hard like when you are on a vacation will help keep your ac system run longer and keep your energy costs down.

Vacation HVAC Checklist

1)Turn it down, don’t turn it off –

DO NOT completely shut down your air conditioner while you’re gone. AC units are designed to be running, but then are turned off for an extended period of time, parts inside the unit can actually deteriorate and hurt performance when you turn the ac system back on.  Another reason not to turn your system off is because inactivity can lead to moisture building in your home creating a rain forest like atmosphere that can bring mold and mildew to your Greensboro NC home.

When preparing to leave your home for a vacation, turn your thermostat up by about five degrees. Your air conditioner won’t run as often, but it will run enough to prevent moisture buildup and to provide sufficient activity for the system. At L&H Heating and Air Conditioning we recommend turning up your unit to around 80 degrees.

2) Change the air filters –

I know, I know you are saying we are constantly telling you to change your filters, but if you think about it under normal conditions, we say change your air filters once a month to prevent them from becoming clogged. However, when you are gone, your air conditioning unit will be running less often so dirt and dust will have less of an opportunity to build up on the filters.

You should still pop a fresh one in the unit before you leave to ensure the unit has the best possible protection from dirt and dust while you’re away. If you’re leaving for an extended vacation of several months, it may be worthwhile to have a neighbor or you can even set a schedule with  us at
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning to come out and change the filter a few times during your absence.

3) Prepare for adverse weather –

The Greensboro area is prone to storms during the summer, and these storms can cause damage to your Air Conditioning unit. The most likely cause of storm damage to your HVAC could be downed trees and limbs. Before leaving on vacation, check the area around your unit to see if there are any limbs hanging over it. If there are, remove them. Also, clear the area of underbrush and other objects a storm could cause to collide with your unit.

4) Give your home a good vacuuming –

Dust and other allergens can build up while you are gone and that will circulate through your air conditioning system. Reduce the amount of dust and allergens available to accumulate by giving your home a thorough vacuuming and cleaning before you leave for vacation.

5) Ensure sufficient airflow to your outdoor unit –

Good airflow is essential to the operation of your AC unit. When the outdoor unit’s air intake is clogged, it has to work harder to perform, consuming more energy and putting more wear and tear on the device. Before leaving on vacation, check the intake on your unit and clear any leaves, limbs, or grass clippings from it.

6) Make sure all windows, blinds, and curtains are closed –

Closing all the windows will reduce the amount of hot air entering your Greensboro home, causing your unit to run less often. It’s also just good common sense from a security and safety standpoint. Also, blocking sunlight from entering your home will reduce the temperature inside, thus reducing your unit’s workload. You’ll want to make sure that there’s no direct sun shining on your unit’s thermostat, as this can cause it to indicate the room is hotter than it actually is, resulting in increased usage of the unit.

7) Make sure the unit isn’t leaking –

A leaking unit is the sign of a serious problem. If your unit is leaking, resolve the issue before you leave for vacation. Call
L&H Heating and Air Conditioning so we can come out and quickly diagnose the problem and repair it before you leave.  This will make sure a leak doesn't start ruining not only you air conditioner, but your vacation as well. Replacing a system is much more expensive than repairing one, so you’ll need to take care of this problem ASAP.

8) Make sure all vents are open –

Open all the vents in your home to ensure that air flows throughout the system and your house. Air Conditioning systems are designed to operate with maximum airflow, so opening the vents will allow the system to operate in optimal conditions while you are away.

9) Use a smart thermostat –

If you haven’t invested in a smart thermostat yet, now may be an opportune time. Now I know you are saying to your self, "We are going on vacation and don't want to spend the money." However, smart thermostats allow you to program your thermostat to run at certain times or maintain certain temperatures. A smart thermostat can ensure that they don’t return to an uncomfortably hot home and many can be managed remotely from your mobile device!  L&H Heating and Air Conditioning will make sure you won't break your wallet on a smart thermostat and installation in your Greensboro home.

By taking utilizing these 9 steps before you leave for your vacation, you can avoid expensive
A/C repair bills when you return. If you need any help or have questions please visit or give us a call at (336) 480-5333
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