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8 Tips to Stay Cool During a Heat Wave

July 1, 2019

What better way to celebrate our Independence, than with Heat!! No Surprise though living in the Greensboro, NC area that we will have a hot time in July!!  More than just fireworks!!

Keeping cool and keeping your HVAC running smoothly is possible by keeping in mind a few simple tips.

These are the top 8 tips to stay cool during heat waves:

1) Hose down your outside air conditioning unit during extremely hot days.

2) Install your HVAC unit in a shaded area or plant shrubs 2-3 feet around the unit after installation.

3) Keep the drapes inside the house closed during the hottest times of the day between 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

4) Turn the thermostat down at bed time for extra cooling time overnight.

5) Change or clean filters regularly.

6) Grill outside, order takeout, or dine at a restaurant to avoid using the oven or stove.

7) Avoid excessive time in the outdoors.

8)  Keep your pets inside as much as possible in a cool and quiet atmosphere. Not only can the heat harm your loving furry friend, but 4th of July is one of the scariest times for dogs because of all the loud banging of fireworks around.  So don't forget about them please!

Sounds like Common Sense, but at L&H Heating and Air Conditioning we like to err on the side of caution, especially with extreme heat. However, if you ever happen to be "sorry" this time of year....get in touch with L&H Heating and Air conditioning to to get you and your air conditioning system back to normal!!
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