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7 Tips For Cleaning Your Vents

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August 8, 2019

When your Greensboro home runs it's air conditioner during these North Carolina summers, your vents can become dusty and ugly. The airflow can be restricted throughout your home if the dust buildup gets bad enough.  Dust and debris can then get stuck on your HVAC ducts and get built up. So, to keep your air conditioning vents free of dust and debris, we offer you 7 Tips to clean your Triad area home's HVAC vents and even offer some preventative ideas.

These 7 tips to clean your heating and cooling vents are actually the easiest thing to do and it only takes a few minutes a few minutes to complete. This will also be the most affordable way to not have an air conditioning service expert pay you a visit to fix something that could have easily been done at home.

The only tools you will need are your vacuum cleaner, some soap and water, towels/rags, and brush attachments to clean the vent.

To keep your air conditioning vents free of dust and debris, L&H Heating and Air Conditioning recommends regular cleanings.This will be your best bet in order to keep the vents clean and that way nothing will have the chance to build up to larger problem levels.

Follow these 7 tips in order to get your vents clean:

1) Start by shutting down the power to your air conditioner. This way, your air conditioning system won’t kick on when you’re cleaning it, blowing dust everywhere.

2) Vacuum the vent cover with your brush attachment to clean off furry dust. Remove the vent cover by unscrewing it, if it’s screwed in place. If your vent is on the floor of your Greensboro home, then just pull the vent cover straight up from the duct.

3) Soak the vent cover in warm, soapy water if there is any dirt that won't immediately come off. Keeping soaking until that dirt loosens.

4) Easiest one, just wipe the cover down with a wet rag.

5) You can clean between the slats of the vent cover with any narrow cleaning tool, like a pipe cleaner, narrow soft brush, or even a cotton swab.

6) We would suggest you manually dry the slats of the vent cover with a thin rag or even a hair dryer would work turned to the hot setting which will prevent water from pooling.

**If you use a hair dryer, be careful when touching the metal immediately after drying, as the metal can get warm.

You can either let the air vents dry on a towel, or you can manually dry the vents off before reinstalling the air conditioning covers.

7) After they dry, just put the vent covers back on the ducts and go back out to your breaker box turn the power back on.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Heating and Cooling Vents

By doing a little preventative maintenance you could keep the dust and debris on your air conditioner vents to a minimum. One of the most popular ways we have noticed Greensboro NC homeowners prevent the dust on their vents is to invest in a magnetic or plastic vent cover. These covers are typically used to direct airflow in a certain direction or to prevent excess air from coming through a closed vent.  These types of covers are only to be used if you are restricting air flow all together even though they will keep dust and debris off your vents.

Another option, which is the toughest for most North Carolina residents is to create a lifestyle change. For instance, try not to allow your pets to lay on the heating and cooling vents if they have a habit of doing just that. Pet hair and dirt can clog the vents of your heating and cooling system and this will allow you to make sure that isn't the culprit of air flow restriction. Vacuum your floors regularly to prevent the dirt and debris from getting too close to the vent. You may also want to invest in an indoor air purifier to remove dust from the home

If you feel like you may have larger issues than you are comfortable with dealing on your own, the crew at L&H Heating and Air Conditioning are service experts in Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Madison, and Stokesdale offering a wide range of air conditioning repairs and installations throughout North Carolina.  We will be happy to have a look for you and offer most professionalism and knowledge in the industry.

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